“Some people look for beautiful place, others make a place beautiful”


Aesthetix Furniture

Committed to Excellence

At Aesthetix we provide exceptional design, supply and installation services to private clients and luxury developments. From wardrobes to free standing furniture, sliding doors, kitchens, marble tops and glass splashbacks, we are your one-stop-shop for a complete home experience. You can discover our full range with the consulting of our designers!

Why us?

  • Vast selection of finishes.
  • Designated designer for each project from first step to finished look.
  • Tailored to fit perfectly even in odd areas.
  • Post sale assistance.

Stylish Kitchens and Wardrobe for Aesthetix living culture

     With the years of research and hard work, this brand has mastered the art of bringing dream like designs into existence without neglecting core fundamentals of practicality and functionality. Whether it is a bespoke kitchen, walk-in-wardrobe or fitted wardrobe, every piece is injected with artisan innovation that will indulge you into “The exotic world of Aesthetix”

Our success has always inspired us to reach new levels of craft perfection which is ready to satisfy your desires. Each project has left our clients with very unique rhythmic experience in their daily life, and a glorious success story for us leaving our footprints in past.

Ready to Discuss your custom design ?

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