Walk in wardrobes are not only a commendable designing pattern of closets but they also serve as a significant symbol of luxury because they are unique enough and distinctive, these bespoke walk-in wardrobes always turn heads.

Here is a guide for you to know about the top ten trends in this regard.


1) Select a walk in wardrobe shape

Walk-in wardrobes are categorized as per the shapes they’re designed.

  • L shaped walk in Wardrobe
  • U shaped walk in Wardrobe
  • Straight walk in Wardrobe

You can choose the design as per the space you’ve to offer as each shape occupies different sizes and spaces. For a small space, straight walk in wardrobe design is preferred, L shaped walk in wardrobe design requires moderate space with at least two walls required for the closet and U shaped walk in wardrobe design requires a good amount of space as it stretches along all the three walls.

One can thereby make a choice of their luxurious bespoke wardrobe on the basis of the space that they have to dedicate to this purpose.


2) Wardrobe that accounts for the shoe space- flawlessly


Wardrobe that accounts for the shoe space | Walk in Wardrobe Design


It is helpful and creative to have a dedicated space for footwear in the closet. It reduces the effort to move to a different place to try out footwear. With a shoe closet in your wardrobe, you can try out quickly between your collections to find the ultimate match for your apparel. Bespoke Walk-in wardrobe with shoe closet also gives a sense of modern and luxurious feel to the wardrobe besides serving as a convenient option.


3) Wardrobe with a Seating Area


Wardrobe with a Seating Area | Walk in Wardrobe


One of the most noticeable parts of the walk-in wardrobe closet is the presence of seating facility, whether it is a silk-wrapped couch\sofa or suede dressing bench or even a wooden chair, it all depends on walk-in wardrobe design, space and dimension but it is a must-have accessory which enhances the look and experience. It facilitates a sense of relaxation while dressing up for a fancy night or even for the daily requisites.

One should get a feel of royalty while dressing up and the correct fitted furniture in the walk in wardrobe just might help you catch that feel.


4) Style of the Closet


Style of the Closet | Walk in Wardrobe Design


With the wide range of styles available for the bespoke walk-in wardrobes, it becomes even more complicated to choose the perfect style for your closet. The style of the wardrobe depends on the space and dimension of the space available for it, you can go for a compact design or a grand spacious wardrobe as per the space available.

Also one can choose the style as per their preference, as some people like the clean walk in closet design with a singular color which gives more of a contemporary feel and some go with a more colorful option which gives sort of a cool vibe to your closet.


5) Classic luxurious wooden closets


Classic luxurious wooden closets


Walk-in wardrobes or closets in wood are the most classic option to go with, also it is one of the most luxurious looking styles to opt for. Wooden bespoke walk-in closets are designed and are completely made up of wood, like timber or pine and are laminated and polished to give that soft feel when you touch it.

It also gives that extra glow because of which it shines even in dim lighting and it thereby looks the best in low light. The use of glass with wood will give a sharp look to your walk-in wardrobe.


6) Mirrors for a luxurious walk-in closet


Mirrors for a luxurious walk-in closet | Walk in Wardrobe


Walk-in wardrobes are incomplete without those shiny prominent mirrors. Mirrors in the walk-in wardrobes are customizable as per the style of the wardrobe. Mirrors with wooden frames are a great match for wooden and contemporary design closets and frameless mirrors in a different size, style and cut are a great match for almost any type of walk-in wardrobe.

Mirrors can be fixed on the closet doors or between the compartments or even on a plain wall. Modern-day wardrobes follow a trend of oversized mirrors which are fixed separately beside the wardrobe, they give a subtle feel to the closet.


7) Glass closet for a Walk in Wardrobe


Glass Closet | Walk In Wardrobe


The use of glass in walk in wardrobes is one of the modern styles for wardrobes that is readily being opted for. It facilitates open door glass racks incubated in glass or wooden frames. You can choose the style of glass ranging from plain glass to frosty or printed glasses.

Glass compartments are accompanied with open glass shelves to use the space for your accessories like hats, bags, perfume, etc. Glass closets are see-through so they enable the ease to keep a check on your closet and decide what to wear in just one look.


8) Luxurious Walk in Closet With Alluring Lighting


Alluring Lighting | Walk in Wardrobe Design


Lighting sets the mood as soon as you walk in your wardrobe space. Lighting should match the overall style of your closet and it should also give enough exposure to all your clothes and accessories. Smart lightings like color changing lights give a funky look to your closet, if you’ve wooden style walk-in closet design, dim lighting goes the best with it and for the closet with glass components, fluorescent white lights match the best. With so many lighting options you can go with the one which sets your mood right.


9) A luxurious closet in Monochrome style


A luxurious closet in Monochrome style | Walk in Wardrobe Design


Monochrome closets are usually preferred by the millennial population as it uses more of black shades which give it a bold and sharp look. Monochrome shade gives your wardrobe a unique look, it facilitates the use of cabinets and closet with compartments and hangers for your formal attires like suits and coats. So if you’re planning for a unique and fancy Walk In Wardrobe, a monochrome styled walk-in closet is the right option for you.


10) Storage choices for walk-in closets


Storage choices for walk in closets


If you want all your accessories to be in the same room as your clothes then you should have ample storage options in your walk in closet. There are a lot of storage-driven closet choices that include the traditional arrangement of racks and drawers.

Personal accessories like handbags, travel bags, watches, belts, etc., each can have their own dedicated space in these racks or drawers. Footwear can also be arranged in the racks without occupying separate space which can be utilized for other purposes. Racks and drawers can be customized as per the preference using materials like wood, glass, marbles, etc. to give a wealthy and expensive look to your wardrobe.

One has ample options to choose from when it comes to walking wardrobes design for your home. To choose the best walk in closet style, one should analyze personal requisites and taste and then look for the variety available.


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