5 Things You Need To Considered Before Opting Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe

With respect to the heightened demand for modernization in interiors of a room, fitted wardrobes are the most trending pieces of fitted furniture in the contemporary era.  A wardrobe that fits into your room from the floor to ceiling without acquiring any kind of awkward spaces is known as a fitted wardrobe. Creating a better look than the freestanding wardrobe, these fitted wardrobes can be customized according to the specifications of your perfect bedroom wardrobe. Not only the looks, but it also provides ample storage space to store all your stuff into convenient sections that make it a desirable interior of the bedroom.

Types of fitted wardrobes:-


Type of Doors Walk in Wardrobe

PAX fitted wardrobes are the built-in wardrobes that are designed according to your specifications. The best fit that suits and enhances the beauty of the interiors of your room is worked upon by professional interior designers to create the masterpiece of your choice.


Regal Fitted Wardrobe

A REGAL fitted wardrobe is made on a practice board and the standard variant consists of twin hanging spaces, four storage drawers, top shelves, mirror panel, etc. The design of the wardrobe, as well as the sections, can be customized according to the needs of the customer. Regal fitted wardrobes design are available in various gloss as well as non-gloss variants at an affordable price.

Why choose fitted bedroom furniture?

Why Choose Fitted Bedroom Furniture

In order to have the best of both worlds, fitted bedroom furniture is an ideal choice as it not only provides a lavish look to the interiors of your bedroom but also solves the problem of cramming in clothes and other stuff due to lack of space. Available in all sizes and styles to suit your customized bedroom design, fitted wardrobe are a lot better than freestanding wardrobes that do not allow any scope for personalization. Here are some major points to choose fitted bedroom furniture:-

  • Perfect Fit

A fitted furniture can be built according to the size and space available in the bedroom. Unlike freestanding furniture, that needs to be adjusted in the given space which leaves scope for knickknacks in the corners. Fitted furniture is tailored-fit according to the client’s specification and the dimension of the bedroom.

  • Available for all Budget levels

All the fitted wardrobes design London has to offer are available in various ranges which shall suit all the budget types. But the ideal choice shall always remain a bespoke fitted wardrobe that not only provides the best furniture at the most economical rates but also focuses on client satisfaction and after-sales services.

  • Query Resolution

If you choose to get your wardrobe customized, feel free to ask questions about the same. While opting for Bespoke Furniture Company, you can have a look at our portfolio and previous works which shall give you a clear picture of our experienced and detailed working with fitted furniture. A chat regarding any doubts that arise is always welcome.

Interiors that suit your lifestyle

  • Interiors that suit your lifestyle

The interiors of your bedroom must be beautiful inside-out. Choosing Bespoke Furniture Company allows you to select from a variety of options among the latest designs. Be it adding a shoe rail, hanging rack or a special corner for your electrical devices, your wish is our command!

5 Things You Need To Considered Before Opting Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe

If you are still in a dilemma regarding fitted bedroom furniture, here is a list of 5 things that you should consider while opting for a bedroom fitted wardrobe:-

PAX Fitted Wardrobe

  • Type of Doors– Fitted wardrobes come with a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to the doors of the wardrobe. You can either have a sliding door wardrobe design or a hinged door wardrobe design. Sliding doors are mostly preferred by customers as they not only acquire minimum space but also provide a stylish look to the wardrobe. Also, sliding doors do not need extra space to open, unlike hinged doors that need to account for extra space in the wardrobe.


  • The INSIDES – One must be very careful while choosing the inner part of the wardrobe. Style and design are secondary aspects as priority shall be to make the wardrobe fulfill its ultimate function which is conveniently storing all the stuff. You must be very clear about your specifications of the inside of a wardrobe. Be it getting a shoe rack at the bottom or adding a mirror on the side or getting an extra hanging rack, the wardrobe must be completely utilized for maximum storage.


  • Accounting for measurements– Make sure to get a transparent view of all the prerequisites of the fitted furniture. Small things like moving an electrical plug or rearranging any other piece of furniture etc. shall be done prior to providing dimensions of any fixed details that are protruding in order to avoid any last-minute ruckus.


  • Master your preparations– Taking accurate measurements before commencing the fitted wardrobe project is an essential and integral part of the whole process. The priority is to measure the ceiling height at both ends of the room as well as the middle. This gives a clear picture of any accommodations to be done with respect to a sagging ceiling.

Next, it is very necessary to measure and analyze the floor’s dimensions as well as material. It is recommended by experts to get your wardrobe fitted on to hard floor rather than getting in on a carpeted floor. Due to the disturbing setting of the carpet over time, the once-flawless finish of the wardrobe will be affected.


  • Always opt for future-proofing– In order to reduce your headache to get stylish and useful fitted furniture, choose a company that implements your idea into practical reality. A company that stays firmly with the client right from concept to completion will help in avoiding costly mistakes as well as will reduce a lot of stress. Furniture is a long-lasting piece of art that shall remain untouched for years to come. Choose your designs wisely as once made, it won’t be altered in a shorter span of time.

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