5 Trending Kitchen Designs for London City

If we talk about kitchen designs then everyone sets out the same kind of objectives in their mind: they want comfortable and an efficient workspace that looks good and nice to cook in. Below we have discussed emerging kitchen trends for 2020. Planning for your dream kitchen starts here.

1. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Kitchens

As we have already entered in 2020, some of the research shows that eco-credentials are a major growing concern for modern people, everyone wants to save energy and wants to know if this can be achieved. In this, sustainable materials are used for building a kitchen like the combination of white cement and 75% broken glass. Aesthetix Furniture is famous for its sustainable kitchen furniture manufacture. According to Aesthetic Furniture, there is just a single way for you to “Feel Good” in the home, by reducing carbon footprint and we guarantee you, we will help you achieve this and will build your eco-friendly and sustainable kitchen dream.

Eco friendly sustainable kitchen

2. Monochromatic and Black Kitchens

In the present time, there are different ranges of colors available for kitchens but still, black, white, and charcoal have their own importance. They give a classic look to the kitchen. 

The Monochromatic kitchen color scheme offers an elegant and sleek design that is generally used in a modern apartment or it can be incorporated into the traditional kitchen. The black and white have been popularly used color for the monochromatic kitchens. 

Monochromatic black kitchen

3. Painted Kitchen

Printed Kitchen designs are liked by many people and this is because it offers a modern look to your kitchen. This kitchen design is a great combination of both furniture and architectural detail. This is one of the popular kitchen designs in London in 2020.

Painted kitchen

4. Broken-plan living

The British Standards design team says that Broken-plan living is the most desirable design for the next decade. This style cleverly uses the spaces.

It is an emerging trend in the last few years, in this design, the living room, dining area, and kitchen area are all merged into one open-plan space. This makes the kitchen look bigger and it is a great way to build cohesion in the overall design.

Brocken pain living

5. Concrete Still Reigns

Concrete is one of the most liked kitchen designs in 2020. It plays a vital role in various designs and styles. This design is now becoming popular because of its stylish design. 

This design mainly focused on raw materials which are generally rich in tones and texture. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen design and style, we will suggest you to go with Concrete Still Reigns.

Concrete Still Reigns


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