When it is the question of decorating your bedroom with furniture, the wardrobe comes in your mind right after the bed. There are valid reasons behind it. It is one of the must-have furniture that every household requires and mostly people prefer it to be installed in their bedrooms. Nothing can be a better place to store the huge number of your clothing. In addition to the utility factor, wardrobe creates a new dimension for the bedroom. Regardless of shifting your home or just renovating it, adding a elegant and stylish wardrobe can serve your purpose in a moderately.

However, selecting the right wardrobe design for your bedroom is a daunting task. Picking up the best one for your need and preferences among plenty others can be quite overwhelming and this makes people tired and confused at the same time. Mostly people have a clear concept about what they are expecting, likewise they consult the designers and ask for something that would meet their expectation well. Some just want it to be unique and some focus on the size whereas some are totally clueless about the wardrobe designs that can fit well with theme bedroom theme, color, other furniture, and requirements.

Hence, to clear the air, we are here with top six types of best wardrobe design ideas which will pave your way of making the decision.


1) Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sliding Wardrobe Design London | Sliding Wardrobe Ideas UK


Going with the trend we have come across the increasing demand for sliding wardrobe. People are now more comfortable in minimalistic designs and the existence of large wardrobe doors is not preferred by many. They look for sliding wardrobe design which will serve their purpose of storage and also have a sleek and contemporary look. One major reason behind its popularity is the space-saving feature. However, the specialty of a sliding wardrobe lies in the sliding door. It is user-friendly for most of the users than the conventional wardrobe designs. This is a popular category that you can customize in terms of size, color, texture, design, adding lofts, etc. Don’t think that choosing a popular category will tag your choice as clichéd. With the evident customization and special designs, your wardrobe with sliding doors will become unique. The feature may match with the others but the design can be exclusive.


2) Hinged Wardrobe

Hinged Wardrobe Design London | Hinged Wardrobe Ideas UK


Hinged Door Wardrobe is a perfect contrast with sliding wardrobe in terms of style. Because, the hinged door is the special characteristic it has. This is ideal for people who love traditional and classy style of furniture to adorn their home. If the home architecture is retro-styled with large doors and spacious rooms adding hinged wardrobe will complement it perfectly. With the improvisation of the designers, this vintage-style wardrobe will also be available with various colors, textures and finishes.  You just need to talk to the designers regarding the customization so that it can be a perfect match for your bedroom.


3) L-Shaped Wardrobe

L-Shaped Wardrobe Design London | L-Shaped Wardrobe Ideas UK


The other name for L-shaped furniture is corner wardrobes. The design of your bedroom can be in a way that you can’t engage a wall with a wardrobe. In this case, to utilize the space well and add a definition to your bedroom, the choice of L-shaped wardrobe will be beyond perfect. For L-shaped wardrobe, people mostly prefer sliding doors because when space-saving is the idea with a potential of storing a good amount of clothes, nothing can beat the style of sliding doors. You can discuss the design with the professionals where they can use their creativity and make something stunning and useful.


4) Walk-in Wardrobe

Walk-in Wardrobe Design London | Walk-in Wardrobe Ideas UK


It is basically a costlier option that is indeed worth investing in. Walk In Wardrobe defines class and luxury. It comes with massive storage not only for clothes but other accessories also. With an innovative combination of accessories, it is highly capable of organizing space. The fashion pivots who pair up every dress with well-matched shoes, bags, and pieces of jewelry love this wardrobe. Generally, a standard walk in wardrobe encompasses hanging space and storage on three sides. It is recommended to install it in a room with a decent amount of space so that when it gets separated with another pair of doors it comes up as an ideal walk in wardrobe. With a marginal extra cost, you must install this if you have enough space at your home.


5) Loft Wardrobe

Loft Wardrobe Design London | Loft Wardrobe Ideas UK


Loft wardrobe is another popular choice for many people who are fond of out of the box styles. However, for the slanting loft roof, you should only consult adept designers to make your loft wardrobe. It can provide a great storage solution where the dead space beneath the loft roof can be used. The extra loft is the basic feature of this style whereas you can customize the Loft Wardrobe design of the entire thing along with the doors, loft, color, texture, and shape. People who look for useful furniture with an elegant appearance to fit well in their small room can opt for this style.


6) Sloped Wardrobe

Sloped Wardrobe Design London | Sloped Wardrobe Ideas UK


Do you have a sloped ceiling? Do you have a bedroom in the attic? Go for the sloped wardrobe for managing the storage for your clothing. It is a versatile wardrobe that enhances storage space in an innovative way. You can use those areas of your home which you may have to leave empty for the fitting issue. You are free to install the wardrobe even beneath the staircase and utilize the wasted space. Isn’t it amazing?

These are the most popular wardrobe design and ideas that people follow. With a reputable designer and manufacturer, you can get a durable and uniquely designed one for your home. Talk to them and take a tour of their collection. If you want a fusion work in terms of design and material, you can also get that. Make sure you get an on-time delivery without compromising the quality of the products. It is an investment for your home, be cautious while choosing the designer.

By the way, which of types you liked the most? Share your thoughts with us!


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