March 21, 2020Kitchen

4 benefits of Aesthetix fitted kitchen, smart kitchen design

Having a specialist kitchen designer design your kitchen adds value – not just during the process of choosing your finishes, but for many years to come.  Aesthetix designers will guide you through the process and ensure all aspects are considered and help you make the right choice for each element of your kitchen project. 1. Functionality & Ergonomics Your specialist knows the movements we take …

March 21, 2020Sliding Wardrobe

6 Best Wardrobe Designs to Adorn Your Bedroom

When it is the question of decorating your bedroom with furniture, the wardrobe comes in your mind right after the bed. There are valid reasons behind it. It is one of the must-have furniture that every household requires and mostly people prefer it to be installed in their bedrooms. Nothing can be a better place to store the huge number of your clothing. In addition to the utility factor, wardrob …

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