October 8, 2020Kitchen

Impulse Kitchens: Get Exciting Kitchen Designs at the best price from Aesthetix Furniture

Kitchens are one of the most under-rated aspects of human life. We often ignore its importance in our daily lives. But COVID-19 forced us to stay home and we are spending most of the free time either cooking or chilling at home. Now, you are paying more attention to every small thing in life. There is a fair chance you may have come across any thought or dreaming of a spacious kitchen but don’t ha …

Best London interior designs by Aesthetix Furniture
August 24, 2020Kitchen

Top 5 Ways COVID-19 is Shaping the Interior Designing Industry

Learn the impacts of COVID-19 on the London Interior Design Industry The global health outbreak has almost become a part of routine for the majority of the masses as the pandemic has been here for a considerable time. The outbreak has entirely changed the settings of numerous industries and how they will function in the future. Although the same cannot be said completely for the interior designing i …

5 Trending Kitchen Designs for London City
May 28, 2020Kitchen

5 Trending Kitchen Designs for London City

If we talk about kitchen designs then everyone sets out the same kind of objectives in their mind: they want comfortable and an efficient workspace that looks good and nice to cook in. Below we have discussed emerging kitchen trends for 2020. Planning for your dream kitchen starts here. 1. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Kitchens As we have already entered in 2020, some of the research shows that eco-c …

March 21, 2020Kitchen

4 benefits of Aesthetix fitted kitchen, smart kitchen design

Having a specialist kitchen designer design your kitchen adds value – not just during the process of choosing your finishes, but for many years to come.  Aesthetix designer will guide you through the process and ensure all aspects are considered and help you make the right choice for each element of your kitchen project. 1. Functionality & Ergonomics Your specialist knows the movements we take i …

March 21, 2020Kitchen

Kitchen style trends explained and predictions

Being one of the most up-to-date kitchen manufacturer and Supplier,  Aesthetix understand the importance of learning new lifstyle trends and experimenting new technologies to integrate into your future kitchen. At present,  Kitchen style evolves to consolidate the new standard for elegant and modern homes. The trend towards matte, textured and timber finishes in natural, earthy tones continues resul …

March 21, 2020Kitchen

How to use your wardrobe space more Effectively, secret celebrity designer hacks you need to know

Opening a your wardrobe can feel like stepping into a war zone: A pile of dirty clothes waiting to go to the dry cleaner on the floor. Ties spilling out of an old shoebox. Belts littering the floor. Shirts crammed on hangers—most of them falling off. You spend good money on your clothes. Treat them right. Use these de-cluttering tips and wardrobe design Ideas from Aesthetix organization experts to …

March 21, 2020Kitchen

Did you know we are the most “environment friendly” cabinetry in UK?

Environmentally Friendly? Eco-sustainable? What does it all mean? With so many different global & local standards, it can get confusing, but we think we’ve found the most “environmentally friendly” cabinetry in UK. Wood is the most important raw material for Aesthetix. If we were to allow the Exploitation of forests, we would endanger our own existence over the long term. All of our wood supply …

March 21, 2020Sliding Wardrobe

6 Best Wardrobe Designs to Adorn Your Bedroom

When it is the question of decorating your bedroom with furniture, the wardrobe comes in your mind right after the bed. There are valid reasons behind it. It is one of the must-have furniture that every household requires and mostly people prefer it to be installed in their bedrooms. Nothing can be a better place to store the huge number of your clothing. In addition to the utility factor, wardrob …

March 21, 2020Uncategorized

10 Walk in Wardrobe Ideas for Your Master Bedroom

Walk in wardrobes are not only a commendable designing pattern of closets but they also serve as a significant symbol of luxury because they are unique enough and distinctive, these bespoke walk-in wardrobes always turn heads. Here is a guide for you to know about the top ten trends in this regard.   1) Select a walk in wardrobe shape Walk-in wardrobes are categorized as per the shapes they’re de …

5 Things You Need To Considered Before Opting Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe
March 21, 2020Wardrobe

5 Things You Need To Considered Before Opting Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe

With respect to the heightened demand for modernization in interiors of a room, fitted wardrobes are the most trending pieces of fitted furniture in the contemporary era.  A wardrobe that fits into your room from the floor to ceiling without acquiring any kind of awkward spaces is known as a fitted wardrobe . Creating a better look than the freestanding wardrobe, these fitted wardrobes can be custo …

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