Imagine having fitted wardrobes door that function silently, don’t come off the track and fit perfectly floor to ceiling without wasting any space. It sounds almost unimaginable, but we have made it possible. Our two-lane track system ensures that doors stay in their lane without clashing with each other and the track is fitted slightly higher from the ground, so it does not become a dust trap. Besides functionality, these doors maintain sleek look with invisible mechanism.

Fitted wardrobes is undoubtedly one of the most efficient way to add extra storage in different areas of your home like hallways, bedrooms or even home offices. Our chic fitted wardrobes are here to add definition to your interior space. With hundreds of customizable options, we are now offering replacement –wardrobes doors for your existing cupboard also.



Fitted wardrobes designs are a great option to achieve modern/contemporary look, specially in the areas where traditional front opening doors will not be practical. As oppose to the common myth, fitted wardrobes take far less space than people usually think. They can be fitted within a depth as small as 350 mm, to store ordinary household and office items or 600 mm for hanging clothes. Our fitted wardrobes frames are made of one of the strongest grades of aluminium (7061) insuring years of durability while providing lighter weight than steel for smooth functionality.


Our fitted wardrobes solutions are made precisely to fit into a designated area of your home covering up to 1.2 – 6 meters of width and 3.5 meters of height. Wardrobe internals are fully made to order as well. You simply tell us the number of drawers, hangers and shelfs you need, it will all be taken care of. Wardrobes can fit almost any compact space including sloped ceilings, guaranteeing a completely tailor-made solution that adjusts to your living space not the other way around.


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With our completely custom-built profile, design combinations are endless. We have several solutions to cater to your individual needs. In order to not overwhelm you with the options, our expert designers will support you every step of the way in order to bring your design concept to reality. We will help you choose between mirrored, dark and light shades as well as a range of materials such as steel, wood and glass so that your fitted wardrobes blends in seamlessly with your existing interior.

Our dedicated and expert interior designers can assist you in finding the perfect custom fitted wardrobes that compliments both your storage needs and your existing home décor. Fitted wardrobes solutions that are sustainable, practical and timeless. In addition, all the doors are made using German soft closing mechanisms which ensures discreet functionality. We at Aesthetix Furniture believe in a one-time investment that will last for decades.


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