Opening your wardrobe can feel like stepping into a war zone: A pile of dirty clothes waiting to go to the dry cleaner on the floor. Ties spilling out of an old shoebox. Belts littering the floor. Shirts crammed on hangers—most of them falling off.
You spend good money on your clothes. Treat them right. Use these de-cluttering tips and wardrobe design Ideas from Aesthetix organization experts to rearrange your bedroom wardrobe or fitted walk-in-wardrobe. They’ll help keep your clothes lasting longer and simplify your life every morning.

1. Organize by category, then color.

Hang your work and casual clothes in separate sections of your wardrobe, says Charlotte, the London wardrobe Design Consultant at Aesthetix.
Leave enough space between these sections so you can clearly tell where your gym shirts end and your dress shirts begin. If you have limited space in a small wardrobe, divide your two sections with a colored dry cleaning bag.
You can even organize your bedroom wardrobe by color. Color coordinating your hanging garments makes selecting an outfit quick and easy. Group all white button-down shirts together, then move on to shades of blue, etc.

2. Don’t hide open hangers.

Every time you take a shirt or pair of pants off a hanger, move that hanger to the front of your closet right away, says Barbara Reich, a professional organizer at Resourceful Consultants and author of Secrets of an Organized Mom. Not only will it be easier to find hangers when you need them, but your closet won’t feel as cramped, she says.

3. Make sure all of your hangers look the same.

You’ve probably collected multiple colors and types of hangers over the years but consolidate to just one kind. When all of your hangers look alike, your eye immediately focuses on your clothes.

4. Take care of your jewelry, belts and ties.

You can use our jewelry drawer or pull-out rails to organise your jewelry, belts and ties or other small items. This will help your belts and ties keep their shape better than if you just stuffed them in a drawer.

5. Use hooks.

Install hooks on an empty closet wall or on the back of your closet door to hang your hats and other miscellaneous items says Reich.

6. Upgrade your hamper.

To defeat the pile of dirty clothes on your floor, use a hamper with three slots: one bag for light clothes, one bag for darks, and a third bag meant for dry cleaning. Our wardrobe designers can also advise you on how to create a laundry area within your available wardrobe space.

7. Make-to-measure wardrobe.

You will be surprised to find out how much extra space you can acquire from going for a made to measure wardrobe or a fitted wardrobe.  Not only that, our designers advise you the best wardrobe designs, type (hinged wardrobe, sliding door wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe) and wardrobe mechanisms according to your daily life requirements saving you extra wardrobe space and time spent on finding your garments.

8. Follow the one-year rule.

This one is simple: If you haven’t worn an item within the last year, donate it, says Hardy, the Senior Director at Aesthetix furniture. Otherwise, it’s taking up valuable space—and you probably won’t miss it.

9.Design in visibility.

Being able to actually see all your socks, ties, and underwear (versus only the top layer) gives you real choices when you get dressed. Take advantage of the many accessories available, such as see-through wire bins, acrylic- or glass-fronted drawers, drawers with dividers, and belt and tie racks, to keep items organized. At Aesthetix, our wardrobe shelves (and drawers that are part of shop-fabricated cabinets) are adjustable and movable from place to place within the wardrobe for maximum versatility.

10.Sliding doors

Sliding doors are the best option if the space is too tight for hinged doors. We understand some of you might have experienced old bypassing doors from different uk wardrobe suppliers that are prone to racking, binding, and even popping off their tracks — and you can only get at one half of the interior at any given moment. We can assure you that we only use heavy-duty german sliding door hardware that gives you super-smooth experience every time you use it and limits the problems and is well worth the cost in the long run.


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