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Learn the impacts of COVID-19 on the London Interior Design Industry

The global health outbreak has almost become a part of routine for the majority of the masses as the pandemic has been here for a considerable time. The outbreak has entirely changed the settings of numerous industries and how they will function in the future.

Although the same cannot be said completely for the interior designing industry, saying that COVID-19 didn’t play any part in its modification would be a lie. Like every other industry, the epidemic has brought some fluctuations in the London interior design sector, and some of them are quite practical.

Take the “intuitive storage” approach as an example. The pandemic has made us more aware of how valuable our general commodities could be. Even the London interior designs are experiencing a shrewd shift in people’s taste.

Want to know more on the topic? Here are the top 5 trends COVID-19 brought in the interior design industry.

5 Impacts of COVID-19 on the Interior Design Industry

1. Home Offices for Work from Home

The term work from home or remote working has never been so familiar than it is in 2020. Now, every working professional is acquainted with the phenomenon as the epidemic has forced us to work remotely.

 Home offices have been a thing in the interior designing industry for a long time, but the outbreak has given it a new meaning. After the pandemic hit the world, the industry has seen immense rise in the demand of home office furniture.

The reason for home office redesigning is simple, people are unaccustomed to working from home, so they lack the knowledge to work out the balance. So, some of the best interior designers have deduced the ideal approach for incorporating space and convenience to form ideal home offices.

It is speculated that the home office trend will stay even after the pandemic ends as employers are preferring remote work over offline work nowadays.

2. Intuitive Storage Design for More Space

Intuitive storage Design for More Space

People were used to spending a hefty portion of the day outdoors with the weekends being reserved for outdoor activities as well. Therefore, they never really realized how vital space can be. Now that everyone is spending their entire day at home, people are realizing how optimized space can work wonders for your house.

That is why people are opting for smart storage approaches where they turn beds into closets and drawers. Ottoman cabinets, furniture, sliding wardrobes, and home storage units have surged immense demand in recent times.

Kitchens are also witnessing some sharp modifications to aid in the creative storage approach of the masses. Practices like hallway storage and bench storage seems to be in trend now and in the upcoming future as well.

3. Aesthetic Office Desks for Convenience and Storage 

With home offices reigning the interior design industry, the rise of comfy desks is a given. People are spending a considerable amount of time sitting, so everyone is looking for a convenient way to do so.

However, adding new décor in your rich-looking home proposes new hassles as well. For starters, you do not want to add a desk that sticks out from your home furniture. No matter how convenient the desk is, a corporate look can ruin your entire aesthetics.

Therefore, people are also being choosy while picking the ideal office desk for their home.

4. Kitchen Redesigns for Exquisite Family Time

Kitchen Redesigns for Exquisite Family Time

As families are spending more time together, occasional family cooking sessions are not that occasional anymore. With more families cooking together, people are opting for an entire kitchen redesign.  

They are preferring storage for goods, food, freezer, and fridge, meaning the space within the premise is imminently increasing. All this points towards considerable kitchen redesigns, resulting in exquisite-looking kitchen pantries.   

5. Hallways and Living Room Redesigning for a Grand Entrance

Hallways and Living Room Redesigning for a Grand Entrance

The entire feel of our home heavily depends on its entrance and living room design. With online shopping and home deliveries expanding more than ever, people are becoming more cautious of their entrance’s look.

Moreover, people are also integrating dual entrances for more improved hygiene standards. An additional entrance leading to the utility storage also seems to be a crowd-pleaser in the market. Overall, the way entrances are perceived will never be the same after the pandemic.

How to Get the Best Interior Designs and Makeover?

After reading the importance and need of interior designs, you might be wondering how to get the best for yourself. Well, Aesthetix Furniture is here offering the best London interior designs. Be it your kitchen, home office, wardrobe, or living room, they have the best options in the market.

Avail the best interior designs in London and stay safe even during these trying times.


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